Two futures events today

Greetings from the last day of an incredibly busy February.  Today’s post is about two futures events taking place or starting today, both of which I recommend.

First, today Arizona State University is hosting an exciting event.  It’s a design summit for the 100 Year EdTech project.  Lots of people are gathering to share stories about education, technology, and the future.  They are also working in groups to address some great futures ideas, like:

What will the world look like 50 years from now?
What conditions do we need to create across education for community empowerment?
What role should technology play?

From 2-3 pm EST I’m hosting a special Future Trends Forum session for the summit.  We’re going to bring on a bunch of people from Phoenix to describe what they’re learning, thinking, and building, connecting them in conversation with the online Forum community.  Join us!

100 years of ed tech design summit poster

Second, World Futures Day starts at noon New Zealand time, or 6 pm EST, where I am today.  This is an ambitious and fun event hosted by the Millennium Project, consisting of 24 continuous hours of live futures conversation and content.  The idea:

The public is invited to drop in anytime to listen, share ideas, and discuss how to create a better tomorrow with futurists, thought leaders, and engaged citizens worldwide.

“No matter your time zone, you can pull up a virtual chair and join the conversation on Zoom,” said Jerome C. Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project. “People come and go as they please, sharing insights with global thought leaders on the future”. Each year, total strangers discuss ideas in a relaxed, open, no-agenda conversation making new collaborations and friendships.“

The whole thing takes place in this Zoom room.  There are around 70 people worldwide who will facilitate and support conversation.

I enjoyed the last time I joined the event, and look forward to this year’s.

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