Thinking about the future of the web

How might the web change?

Today I’m giving a speech to the Reclaim conference in Virginia, and was asked by the mad Jim Groom to help them envision futures of the world wide web.

Naturally I asked SlidesGPT to create a slidestack.  WordPress won’t let me embed it, so you can click on that link for the whole thing or savor this sample slide:

SlidesGPT future of the web

It’s an interesting mix, actually.  As per usual for generative text AI, it represents popular or consensus views.  Most of what is there in that stack is not what I’m going to say.

Here’s my own slide deck, full of images and cryptic bullet points:

I’m sharing this just before my show, so that people at Reclaim can follow here and respond in comments.  Also, so that anyone not in Fredericksburg, Virginia can join us and also comment.



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