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COVID-19, academia, and the big push online: an update

How is higher education responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? (If you’re new to this blog, I’ve been tracking the virus since it appeared in January, as part of my broader project of studying the future of higher education.  You … Continue reading

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What Americans think of the present and future of science and technology

Where will science go in the future, and how will that impact our lives? I’ve been tracking this question for a while, so it’s good to have fresh research to hand.  A new Pew Research survey asked Americans what they … Continue reading

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The changing geography of work: a new report

How will a changing economy redistribute jobs and economic growth in the United States? McKinsey just published a new report, “The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow” (summary; longer document), looking ahead to 2030 after … Continue reading

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Outsourcing campus IT: what next?

This week we learned that one Michigan campus will outsource its entire IT department.   I’d like to explore the story, as well as reflect on this as a way of thinking about the future of outsourcing in higher ed. 1. … Continue reading

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Where does net neutrality stand in fall 2018?

What’s happening with net neutrality, and what does it mean for education? buy filitra online buy filitra no prescription generic To find out I’m devoting this Thursday’s Future Trends Forum to a conversation with Jarret Cummings.  Jarret is the director … Continue reading

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Heading into my new class

This week I started teaching my first class since 2002.  I’d like to blog about the experience. In this post I’ll describe what I hope to achieve with the class: how I’m organizing it and what I expect.  I’ll add … Continue reading

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The 2018 Horizon Report has appeared, thanks to EDUCAUSE

The 2018 Horizon Report, started by the New Media Consortium in 2017, was completed and published by EDUCAUSE this week. I have many thoughts to share here.  I’d also like to broaden the conversation beyond what I’ve seen so far. … Continue reading

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Our favorite mobile apps: Appy Hour on the Future Trends Forum

What are the best apps for education?  What can their selection tell us about the evolution of technology? Last Thursday the Future Trends Forum ran an experiment.  We didn’t host a guest, as we usually do.  Instead, we hosted an … Continue reading

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An article and a powerful conversation: two updates on code name FOEcast

Where does the FOEcast project stand in mid-June 2018? (If you haven’t followed FOEcast, it’s a project to create plans for a future of education and technology initiative.  It’s open, participatory, ongoing, and transnational.  Here’s a good intro.) A bunch of things … Continue reading

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Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium to shut down

How can higher education sustain online learning? This might be an odd question to ask, when programs in what we used to call “distance learning” are growing in student numbers.  Yet these programs are bound up in the general crisis … Continue reading

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