What nonfiction book should our online book club read next?

What should our online book club read next?

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It’s good to read with friends.

After reading two science fiction novels (Walkaway, New York 2140), we now turn to nonfiction about the future of education.

(If you’re new to the book club, know that since 2014 we’ve been reading titles that cover different ways of approaching education, technology, and the future.  Books have included media historynear-future science fiction, education economics, anti-authoritarian schoolingchanges in higher educationsociology of classthe emerging world of automation, and the 21st century’s most important work of economics so far.

Some authors have kindly interacted with us as we read their works.  Several have engaged with us via Twitter, like Tressie Cottom and Malka Older. As our book club progressed, some of the authors have been guests on the Future Trends Forum, like science fiction writer and cyberactivist Cory Doctorow.)

Today’s poll is based on the latest one for nonfiction, back in fall 2017. I have cut several titles from previous lists that fail to win any votes, cut one title that we already picked and read, deleted one I read and really disliked, then also added a couple of new ones that look exciting.  My Patreon supporters added a few more. You can see that there’s a mix of subjects, from pedagogy to technology, economics to online life, scholarly publishing and public policy.  Most are pretty recent.  Some will seem especially relevant to some of you based on current events.

Here’s the poll, if you’d like to jump right in.  You get up to three (3) votes.  If you want more information about the titles, just scroll down to the full list just below.  (Note the holiday themed background)

NEW FEATURE: if you’d like to nominate a nonfiction book that isn’t on this list, and you want everyone to see your nominee, please use the comment box below.  If you’re like to vote for someone else’s comment-nominated book, either say so in a reply, or email me if you’d like.


Below is the full list as a kind of annotated bibliography. I’ve linked to pages for each one, including those from publishers, Amazon, and the authors themselves, plus some relevant further readings (interviews, articles, etc.) and acknowledgements to the good folks who nominated several titles.

You can vote in this poll, and also add thoughts in comments below.  Remember, you can support up to three titles.

I’m looking forward to your choices!

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3 Responses to What nonfiction book should our online book club read next?

  1. It’s a long list already, but some to consider for the future include:

    Kevin Kelly (2016) The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Tech Forces that Will Shape Our Future
    Joseph Aoun (2017) Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
    Siva Vaidhyanathan (2018) Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy
    Singer and Brooking (2018) LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media

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  3. Ruby Nash says:

    I was here looking for some ideas, Kill All Normies looks interesting. we are currently finishing up Julie Heldman’s memoir called Driven. It’s been the most amazing read for our book club yet! So well done.

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