My new book is out

The New Digital Storytelling, revisedI just received print copies of the revised edition of my New Digital Storytelling.  They look very sharp, as well they should.  The designers and publisher did a fine job.

Since the first edition came out in 2011, many things have developed in the digital storytelling world, not to mention the broader technological sphere, so much updating was in order.  Every chapter has new examples, new approaches, and new ideas.  There’s an extra chapter on storytelling with virtual reality, since that topic is both new and deep.  Naturally, tons of footnote URLs have been updated, for those so concerned.

Some of you, dear blog readers, have helped in this process.  So I think people like Sandy Brown Jensen, Linda, Vanessa Vail, Bob, Sue Cornacchia, Howard Rheingold, Brett Boessen, Steven Kaye, Rodney Hargis, Annette S. L. Evans, Mike Wesch, Peter Naegele, Ed Webb, cristobalmalmberg, Andy Havens, Carine, jens, D’Arcy Norman, Chad Bergeron, Diane Convery, jwithers38, lisalebduska, Andrew Connell, and my great co-conspirators Barbara Ganley and Alan Levine.  And above all Joe Lambert and the StoryCenter crew.  And more.

You can order print and ebook editions from the publisher (Praeger), or get print and Kindle copies from Amazon.  Order ’em now!

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14 Responses to My new book is out

  1. lisalebduska says:

    Great to read good news; congratulations, Bryan! I’m looking forward to a great read.

  2. Excellent! Looking forward to getting a copy.

  3. ellenandjim says:

    Congratulations. I didn’t know you had recently published a book. You are so endlessly fertile creative, working hard. I will buy it promptly. Ellen

  4. Congrats! Certainly belongs on my to-read list.

  5. Congratulations! You led a workshop for HBCU faculty at the Robert Woodruff Library in the Atlanta University Center that I attended several years back. Yours was one of the best workshops that I ever attended and I’ve kept up with you via your blog ever since. I look forward to reading your book!

  6. I absolutely ordered up a copy. Congratulations. You are the hardest worker I know!

  7. rrdaniel2 says:

    Pre-ordered some time ago. Will be available on Kindle on the 31st. Waiting with great impatience. Thanks for all you do!

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