Catching up with my latest book: Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12

Late last year I published another book.  It’s a little one, crammed with information and ideas, and available in paperback: Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12 (Solution Tree Press, 2015)
The cover of _Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12_The goal of this book is to explain changes in higher education to people in the K-12 (primary and secondary school) world: students, teachers, parents, administrators, school board members (public schools), and trustees (for privates), along with state government officials and interested citizens.

It’s also a snapshot of my thinking about the medium-term future of higher education, very accessible for any reader.

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 Did I mention it’s very short, and in paperback?

Topics include:

  • The various impacts of technology on colleges and universities;
  • How social, political, and cultural forces are reshaping higher ed;
  • The possibility of peak campus in the United States;
  • The growing number of ways to obtain post-secondary education without setting foot on a physical campus;
  • Advice to students and policymakers.

Along the way I touch on gaming, Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium, cMOOCs, international students, open education, debt, majors, Academically Adrift, nostalgia, and the passion to learn.

You can snag a copy from Amazon or the publisher.

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4 Responses to Catching up with my latest book: Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    The book sounds like something to recommend to non-academics in my network — esp ones with children.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh, would I also love to have the reverse book: trends in K-12 ed to help me understand the students I’m designing college courses for!

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