The Future Trends Forum starts this week, with Audrey Watters

This week the Future Trends Forum begins, and I can think of no person I’d be more delighted to converse with than Audrey Watters.

Audrey WattersAudrey is a vitally important writer, speaker, and analyst in the field of education and technology.  A self-proclaimed rabble-rouser, her work is essential to anyone thinking about teaching, learning, and their complex intersection with technology.

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You can find her on Twitter, this blog, and the Hack Education blog,

I plan on asking Audrey about educational technology finance, social media and gender-based harassment, what we can learn about the future from the history of educational technology, and the automation revolution.

Please join us this Thursday, February 11th, at 2 pm eastern time (here’s one time zone tool).  Click here to reserve a free spot.

If you have suggestions or questions for Audrey and I, please add them as comments to this post.

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 You can also fire them off via Twitter, using the hashtag #FTTE or pointing them @ryanalexander.

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This event, like the rest of the Forum, is generously hosted by Shindig.

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7 Responses to The Future Trends Forum starts this week, with Audrey Watters

  1. In class at that time. Shoot! A way to follow after?

  2. vermontcatwoman says:

    Will this be archived so one can listen to it at a later date?

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