Announcing the Future Trends Forum

I’d like to announce a new project I’ve been developing for a while, and that’s about to launch.  

The Future Trends Forum is a series of video-based conversations about future trends in technology and education.  It’s based on my FTTE report, as you’ve probably guessed. Every week I’ll discuss topics with interesting people: practitioners, critics, administrators, librarians, faculty members, thought leaders, and inventors.

Shindig logoWe’re using the Shindig videoconference platform.  That means audience members can actively participate, contributing questions, comments, their smiling faces, and their – your – voices.  For each one-hour session participants will have plenty of opportunities to enter the conversation. 

These discussions are free and open to anyone with an internet connection.

Before each session I’ll fire off a blog post here introducing the person and topic, and where you can post questions and requests.  After each session, a recording will be available on one of my YouTube channels, and linked from

Things will kick off in a couple of weeks, if not sooner!

In the meantime, we have questions for you, dear reader:

  • What day of the week is best for you, and what time?  We’re starting off with a Monday-Thursday window, aiming for 1-2 pm EST, but want to know what’s best for people.
  • Who should we invite?  So far I’m talking with Audrey Watters, Richard DeMillo (author of the book we’ve been discussing), Casey Green, Anya Kamenetz, Jim Groom, Will Richardson, and more.  Who else should we bring into the Forum?
  • What questions would you like me to pose?  I know it’ll depend on each person’s unique background, but wanted to put the question out there for now.

Shindig is the large scale video chat event platform. Its unique technology allows for not only traditional one to many video conferencing but also enables audience members to interact in new ways, either sharing the stage to ask questions or in private self initiated video chats with other audience members. Its the dynamics of physical events at internet scale with clients as diverse as Sheryl Sandberg, Jim Cramer, Yale, Harvard, General Assembly and other notable people and institutions. I thank Shindig for generously supporting the Forum.
var series_base_url=’’;

And I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Future Trends Forum!

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13 Responses to Announcing the Future Trends Forum

  1. gmphap1 says:

    Neal Stephenson, want to hear what he thinks we’ve achieved and and still need to do in education from what he wrote in Diamond Age.

  2. BRNBRN BRNBRN says:

    What day of the week is best for you, and what time?

    Monday or Thursday are best for me – 11AM or 3PM. Never 1-2 EST, the only time I reserve for myself – getting out of the office to clear my head each day.

  3. Kelly Walsh says:

    This sounds great Bryan (and all times work for me)! Here’s some random thoughts on potential guests: The folks at Singularity Hub and Singularity University ( bring a wealth of knowledge and awareness to tech prognostications (they get into a wide array of topics, but education is one that does come up from time to time in their content). Don Tapscott also gets education and brings a brilliant, wide, forward looking perspective to his presentations and many publications (but he may be pretty hard to secure). More immediately tied directly to higher ed, Robots and Pencils CEO Phil Komarny was an outstanding leader as CIO at Seton Hill U, where he was first to proclaim ideals like “Mobile First, or Mobile Only” and helped institute one of the first 1:1 iPad programs in higher ed.

  4. What’s Dr. Curtis Bonk doing these days? I get notices now and then from on things he has uploaded.

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