Flickr Creative Commons site bug fixed

Good news: Flickr fixed that weird problem we spotted yesterday.  Their Creative Commons images Explore site, a gateway to the millions of photos published under a set of CC licenses, is now functioning correctly once more.

Check out those numbers, too!

Attribution License: 63,307,001 photos

Attribution-NoDerivs: 17,964,458 photos

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs: 85,391,471 photos

Attribution-Noncommercial: 42,889,941 photos

Flickr Creative Commons Explore page functioning properly once more

That’s hundreds of millions of images posted against copyright, and for your use.

What can we learn from this?
First, the Flickr Creative Commons licensed image pool is a tremendous resource. Even if one 20-year-old developer didn’t know what Flickr is.  Use and add to it, friends.

Second, it took a multi-pronged, social media-based campaign to get traction.  Flickr doesn’t have a contact option, which is frustrating.  But Flickr staff eventually responded via Twitter and Flickr fora.  Note that the site bug had been at work for nearly a week before we noticed it.  My takeaway: users should work social media to keep providers on the up and up, when we rely on these providers.

(thanks to Matt Jennings for updates)

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5 Responses to Flickr Creative Commons site bug fixed

  1. CogDog says:

    That’s good news. Now if you can still grab their ear, it would be worth asking why they apply old versions of creative commons license to photos (all are linked to Creative Commons 2.0 licenses rather than the current 4.0 versions).

  2. Well done! But how weird is it that they have no official ears to the ground???

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