Doppelbotting Snowden

Doppelbotting reached new heights this week as Edward Snowden used that telepresence technology to appear at a conference on the other side of the world. A TED event hosted the fugitive whistleblower, and his robot wheeled around the stage, bearing his face and voice.

It’s another good example of using telepresence robots to connect people separated by offline obstacles.

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 I can’t think of another case where politics were the obstacle.

One high point was the Web’s creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, appearing on stage with Snowden:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Edward Snowden

Here’s the full session:

Key an eye on this technology.

(thanks to Timothy Scholl and Grant Potter on Twitter)

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2 Responses to Doppelbotting Snowden

  1. Gabor says:

    There was doppelbotting in the latest episode of Robin Williams’s sitcom, The Crazy Ones

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