Storytelling by Twitter

Seattle Noir is yet another Twitter-based storytelling project.  It’s microstorytelling, really, as each bit of story consists of a single Tweet.

Said Tweets combine noir fiction (plot and/or style) with life in Seattle, flagged by the hashtag #SeattleNoir.  For example,

Seattle Noise


Seattle Noir

Twitter continues to be a lively ground for new digital storytelling.  Soon we won’t call this “new” any more.  I wrote about a few examples of this in chapter four of my 2011 book.

Noir has been a digital storytelling theme for a while.  Small Town Noir did a fine job of combining local archival research with blogging.  Alan Levine (of course) offers a neatly unsettling noir through Cowbird.

Seattle Noir

(thanks to Steven Kaye; cross-posted to New Digital Storytelling)

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