A playful model of a decade

A map of the next decade: the IFTF released a fun set of scenarios for the next ten years.

Why fun?  Because they proclaim these are all unlikely.

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 “too fast to be believable” is one set.  And “Type 2 scenarios depend on the conjunction of too many improbabilities”.

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Decade map.

So why look through these?  Because they are fascinating, and their detail not impossible.

For examples,

the feral economy | Steep unemployment worldwide combines with failure of reforms to make graft, corruption, and crime the norm for “doing business.”

persuasive delusion | Cultural delusion becomes a valid mental health diagnosis as sophisticated remote interfaces to the human brain are weaponized to control behavior.

welcome to mendokistan | California’s struggling economy, sparsely populated regions, and embedded marijuana cultivation set the stage for a new opium economy in the state.

the fabrication commons—enclosed! | Open fabbers pioneer a new 3D open manufacturing commons.

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 Just as quickly, a few smart companies launch the breakthrough platforms that enclose them.

the world electric | Wireless energy is useful at a large scale as the Casimir effect is harnessed and open-source “Tesla boxes” proliferate.

The cards look like fun, too.

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