Launching Future Trends report

This month I fired off the first issue of a monthly report on the future of higher education.  It’s called Future Trends, and goes to leaders of NITLE Network campuses.

In each report I present a list of significant trends in how higher education is likely to change, especially under the impact of digital technology.  Research backs up each trends, as does ongoing social media work.  I use networks connected through Twitter, Facebook, G+, the blogosphere, podcasts, etc. to learn about developments, share my thoughts, and test analyses.

I also check back over previous reports’ trends to see which ones are proving true, which are dormant, and which were just wrong.

Questions, observations, comments are welcome, naturally.

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  1. skjandrews says:

    They have been great throughout the pilot and I look forward to reading more of them soon. Whatever their predictive capacity, the excellent environmental thumbnails (tiny versions of a scan) you produce will be an excellent snapshot of a given moment – good fodder for the time series models of the future. It might be worth mentioning on our futures blog as well, in case you hadn’t already thought of it.

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