Another small American college will close

A small college in Oklahoma announced that it will close next year.  That’s another one.

Founded in 1875,  St. Gregory’s University (Wikipedia) will end its career as an appeal to the federal government for a loan fell through.

The official statement (also announced on Facebook) doesn’t go into great detail about the causes, save for one economic point.  “Like so many small liberal arts colleges, St. Gregory’s has struggled financially for years.”

St. Gregory’s is only one data point, but it’s part of a series.  I’m not sure how this campus fits in with its specific details (too removed from big markets? too religious?).

(thanks to Pumpkin Yang)

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  1. VanessaVaile says:

    I can’t lay my (digital) hand on the article but remember reading years back that the U.S. higher ed landscape was, like the rail system, overbuilt.

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