Which near future science fiction book should we read next?

What near future science fiction should we explore next?

We just finished reading Malka Older’s Infomocracy.  Before that our book club read Ernst Cline’s Ready Player One and Paulo Bacigalupi’s The Water Knife.  These were drawn from a big list of near future sf we built together.

Here’s a poll, now with every title on that big list.  Randomized to keep things interesting.  You can vote for up to three titles:

Choices, choices.

What have you people recommended previously?  Sandy Brown Jensen recently called for The Girl in the Road.  And these titles received a plurality of comments:

Madeline Ashby, Company Town
Ada Palmer, Too Like the Lightning
Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age
Daniel Suarez, Daemon
Vinge, Rainbows End
Weir, The Martian

I’ll run this poll for up to a week and see where it goes.  If people comment elsewhere (Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, email) I’ll bring their thoughts over here.

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7 Responses to Which near future science fiction book should we read next?

  1. Researching a half dozen or more of those titles was an education in itself. Thank you!

  2. joshmasnickkim says:

    So I’m voting for books that I have not read yet – but that I want to read: Company Town and The Girl in the Road. Some great books here – The Mandibles is amazing and challenging.

  3. From James M. Dutcher on LinkedIn:
    The Nexus Trilogy by Ramez Naam ….Influx or Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

  4. Curtis says:

    Is it O.K. to skip a book? ( Spoken in the same tone as, ” Is it going to be on the test?’) I just finished Ready Player One. I like to ponder. I’ll catch Infomocracy later.

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