Our next book club reading: Paying the Price, by Sara Goldrick-Rab

What’s next for our online book club?

After much discussion and many responses following my query, I have decided on…

Sara Goldrick-Rab, Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American DreamSara Goldrick-Rab, Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream (publisher; Amazon).  This is a new, exciting, and important book for higher education.

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From the book’s description:

One of the most sustained and vigorous public debates today is about the value—and, crucially, the price—of college. But an unspoken, outdated assumption underlies all sides of this debate: if a young person works hard enough, they’ll be able to get a college degree and be on the path to a good life.

That’s simply not true anymore, says Sara Goldrick-Rab, and with Paying the Price, she shows in damning detail exactly why. Quite simply, college is far too expensive for many people today, and the confusing mix of federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid leaves countless students without the resources they need to pay for it.

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Drawing on an unprecedented study of 3,000 young adults who entered public colleges and universities in Wisconsin in 2008 with the support of federal aid and Pell Grants, Goldrick-Rab reveals the devastating effect of these shortfalls.

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The book’s subject connects with many themes that we’ve discussed on this blog, on the Future Trends Forum, and through the FTTE report.

Additionally, the author is happy to communicate with us as we read:

So let’s track down copies.  I’m downloading the Kindle version and asking the local public library to order one for their collection.

I’ll come up with a reading schedule shortly.

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 Where would you like to discuss Paying the Price: Twitter, this blog, your blog, a  Google Doc, or…?

Happy reading, all!

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24 Responses to Our next book club reading: Paying the Price, by Sara Goldrick-Rab

  1. I kind of like the hodgepodge of places from last time. The blog comments, Twitter hash tag, caribou other blog posts. Basically I’m fine with anything as long as I don’t have to login to Slack. ‘-)

  2. kcangial says:

    Is there a schedule for this yet? (Sorry if I missed it!) Looking forward to this important discussion.

  3. Really good interview here! https://www.c-span.org/video/?415168-1/words-sara-goldrickrab Book TV After Words with Sara Y. Goldrick-Rab. She is interviewed by Lisa S. Coico, President of the City College of New York. From SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

  4. You could create a #bookclub thread in the Slack group?

  5. chairthrower says:

    Our local library system has several copies, including my town. I’ll be picking it up tomorrow. I think it might be an interesting demographic study to compare local library availability.

  6. leighahall says:

    Do you have an idea when you’re looking to get the party started with this book?

  7. I’m in!! (Don’t have an opinion, yet, on where to participate.)

  8. I’m also interested! I’d love to discuss here or on Twitter.

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