FOECast ideation week, day 4: scoping things out

Today, March 1, we continue our week of brainstorming a future of education project.  Yes, it’s day #4 of the FOECast ideation week, and welcome to the first say of March!  Now we start to scope things out.

(By the way, happy Future Day as well.)

Today’s prompt is, What scope should this project cover?

How much ground should a new project cover?  How big should the thing be?  What nations, institutions, technologies, industries, sectors should be scoped in, and which should be scoped out? For example, does it address secondary and post-secondary schooling together?  Does it include vocational and university experience together?

Do we focus on education or learning?  Should it cover independent learners and scholars (Ted Newcomb: “I would like to see something that focuses on those of us life long extra-institutional learners”)?  What forces and issues beyond technology and ed tech should we include or exclude (Tom Abeles: “the increase in the precariate nature of the faculty in the developed nations, paralleling that path in the developing countries and which points towards an increasing shift away from faculty decisions and more towards a corporate model”)?  Should we engage in technology criticism, as Phil Katz recommends?

Think hard, and have at it!  Draw on our FOECasting to date (all of my posts here).

Then share your thoughts where you prefer: in comments on this blog post; in the Google Doc; on your own blog; in the Slack channel; on Twitter, using hashtag #FOECast; on other social media venues; via other platforms.  If you have questions or want to make sure we see your contributions, just comment on this post or ping me directly .

Also coming up today is our third and final videoconference discussion this week.  It’s scheduled for 2 pm EST/7 pm GMT (Shindig link), and is part of the Future Trends Forum series.  We’ll talk about scope, and let our creative thoughts roam.  Please join us.

Also today is the end of our quick forecasting methods poll.  Please take 30 seconds (seriously, it’s really short) to give us all a sense of which method or methods you prefer today.  (Poll closes at 1 pm EST)

CodeName FOECast_Jon NalderSince yesterday discussion has been flowing.  Up above I summarized some key points.  In my late night post I added more points from a brilliant video meeting.

Let me pull out a few more:

  • Diversity in different forms has come up as a desire for a new project.
  • How does audience shape form?  (thanks to Steven Crawford)
  • Do we address economics (thanks to Ted Newcomb)

In addition, Tom Haymes blogged a fantastic, visionary, and also practical post on the FOECast site.  Dig into that for more inspiration.

Enough bloggery from me.  Now it’s your turn.  And happy FOECasting!

For the week’s plan, see here.  For all FOECast posts, see here.

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