FOECast ideation week concludes with a final push: create!

Today, March 2, we come to the climax of our week of brainstorming a future of education project.  Yes, it’s day #5 of the FOECast ideation week, the final day!  That means a push to create, based on everything we’ve done all week.  Put another way, this is when we distill down our insights.

Today’s prompt is, generate a plan or prototype for a new future of education project.

In other words, what do you think a Future of Education Forecast might look like?

prototyping Think about it.  This week more than one hundred people from around the world have brainstormed, ideated, refined, and scoped out loud, from video to Twitter to Slack to Google Doc and more.  We started with big questions of value and method, then narrowed things down by form and scope.  We’ve been talking about the way things could work.  Now we’re poised to whip up some first plans and mock-ups.

Don’t be intimidated by the sound of “plan” or “prototype”.  Be as sketchy, drafty, basic, and outline-y as you need to.  Nobody’s getting graded or assessed.  This is a design thinking exercise, not a professional production line.  We are playful, not somber. The goal is to try out the ideas, to gesture in the future’s direction.

Bend your thoughts in that direction, then share your drafting plans or prototypes.  We’ve set up two Google Docs for the first two projects, loaded with helpful questions and framing (Design Jam #1, Design Jam #2) (and by “we” I mean the awesome Keesa V. Johnson; thank you!).  We can put up more if you like, or you can seize your own preferred platform and have at it.

There are other places for you to work, too: in comments on this blog post; in the Google Doc; on your own blog; in the Slack channel; on Twitter, using hashtag #FOECast; on other social media venues.  Make physical things with paper or Legos.  Shoot a video or record a podcast. Be as public or private as you like.  Comment on this post or ping me directly if you have questions or want to make sure we see your contributions.


CodeName FOECast_Jon NalderI’d also like to share comments and ideas that appeared over the past day (since my last post):

  • Maha Bali (Egypt) blogged about the difference between forecasting what was likely to happen versus what one thinks should happen.
  • Kay Oddone (Australia) blogged about the week’s progress, meditating on how things have progressed.  She’s like FOECast to be an ongoing process, always in beta, flexible and in reinvention mode.  To visualize this, Kay created a rich graphic, and invited us all to respond to it, including editing it, I think (!):
Project_FOECast_through_the_lens_of_Connected_Learning_Kay Oddone

Click to get to the big and editable version.

She also offered this sweet and startling take: “For me, Project FOECast is not only focused on the production of information for others – it in itself is a learning community”.

At a quick glance of the GDoc word-cloud…a single threaded statement was glaring back at me: “Look to community to think new and see good ideas and a future approach.” (right edge of prominence, read top to bottom). Likely some degree of pareidolia, but felt good nonetheless.

  • There’s been a lot of discussion about a two-level project, including data and narratives, or macro and micro domains.
  • The consensus seems to be that whatever project we like, it should be collaborative and community-oriented.

Looking ahead a little, after today’s prototyping and planning is done, there are some things coming up next week:

  • an evaluation form, for people to reflect on this week’s wild ride
  • recordings and other documents from the week
  • a first reflection on how it went
  • reflections on what FOECast is doing and becoming
  • and more, from all kinds of people.

Happy planning and prototyping!

For more information on the week’s plan, see here.  For all FOECast posts, including prompts and summaries of each day, see here.

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5 Responses to FOECast ideation week concludes with a final push: create!

  1. Wonderful exploration and expansion of what our learning community is and can be. Thanks a million for facilitating this very stimulating and potentially transformative set of exchanges. Glad to be part of it; looking forward to seeing where we go.

  2. I do like the graphic but would go for Learning Oriented over Academically Oriented. NA plan? I’m still getting my bearings — and organized (remember that Nebbishes cartoon?). I’ll base my prototype on my own cobbled up system (who among us doesn’t have one?), more information archival than educationist — unless something else hits me midstream.

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      Academically Oriented->Learning Oriented: that’s a subtle difference. Nice.

      Let us know when your prototype is viewable!

  3. I’m working through the previous blogs and the Google doc. One suggestion is:

    Can the names of people contributing to the Google doc be linked to a Twitter account, or another place, so if you want to know more about the person, or connect to them, all you need to do is click on their name?

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