The robot storyteller: automated creativity at the NMC conference

Today I’m presenting on “The Robot Storyteller”, my second session at the New Media Consortium annual conference.  Here’s how the program describes things:

How will the growing world of automation impact the ancient human practice of storytelling? This session showcases science fiction-like inventions and provokes discussion. Presenters will begin by demonstrating narrative software including Fabulist, Automated Insights’ Wordsmith, and Google Photos’ Stories and stylizing services. Participants will investigate story assistants that help create narratives, such as Tone Analyzer, AutoCrit, and Expresso. Do these technologies help or hinder human creativity? Can they augment teaching and learning? Are storytellers obsolete or more powerful than ever? Come and find out.

Session materials, including an agenda, links, and more resources, are on this Google Doc.

Here’s a sample.  It’s a photo I took yesterday, that Google’s Dream Dream generator artificially mutated into something new and original.

Google Deep Dream example

Also at this NMC conference, my preconference workshop on scenario building.

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