Presenting and participating in the EDUCAUSE 2015 conference

EDUCAUSE 2015 conferenceThis October I’ll be presenting, participating, networking, schmoozing, reconnecting, and generally hob-nobbing with people at the EDUCAUSE 2015 conference in Indianapolis.

Here are some of my events:

A pre conference workshop, Building an Emerging Technology and Futures Capacity in Your Organization.  That’s on Tuesday, October 27th, from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern time.

This seminar will describe how to build and grow a futuring capacity in a campus team. We will cover a variety of leading-edge methods, including trend analysis, scenarios, the Delphi process, and environmental scanning. Organizational leaders will learn how and why to get their staff using these tools.

Later that day I’ll presenting in a virtual session, Working with Emerging Technologies to Promote Engaging Learning.

This dynamic preconference seminar features 12 speakers who will each present their approach to effectively working with emerging technologies to support teaching and learning. The session begins with a brief overview of emerging technology trends and will continue with segments on how to support evidence-based emerging technology work, and with examples of effective emerging technologies being used or piloted today. The seminar also includes two discussion sessions with members of the 7 Things You Should Know About… publication advisory team and with those working with 3D Printers, Makerspaces, and BYOD initiatives.

My topic will be futures capacity for organizations.  Malcolm Brown and Veronica Diaz (ELI) will host.  The session runs from 3-6 pm.

On Thursday (October 29) I’m presenting on Looking Ahead to 2026: Trends in Technology and Education.  The skinny:

This session examines leading trend lines in education and technology, extrapolated forward over the next decade to explore campus transformation. Trends are based on a four-year continuous environmental scan, conducted via social media. Topic rubrics include educational contexts (economic, social, policy), selected technological developments, and academic computing.

That will run from 4:30 until 5:20 PM.

Conference hashtag is #EDU15.  If you’re going to Indianapolis, please say hi.  If you can’t make it, please consider the virtual sessions.

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