Joining the New Media Consortium

NMCThis week I’m excited to report that I’ve joined the staff of the New Media Consortium (NMC) as their new senior researcher.

NMC and I go back a while.  I’ve been involved with NMC many times over the years.

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 Speaking at their conferences and online events, relying on their Second Life materials, contributing to and presenting on the Horizon Report: I’ve appreciated the opportunity to connect with the NMC network and their fine staff.  My current futures work owes much to NMC’s Horizon project.

So now I’m ramping up my NMC involvement.  Let’s have a FAQ:

Q: What will you be doing, Bryan?
A: As a researcher I’ll have two primary areas.

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From the announcement:

As a senior researcher, Bryan will be focused on expanding the work of the NMC Horizon Project to include country-specific reports that analyze the landscape and technology trends in geographic areas across the world. Additionally, he will be helping to grow a new series of business intelligence reports that are available to NMC strategic partners and Option 2 members.

Q: What happens to Bryan Alexander Consulting?
A: BAC is still going strong.  Think of NMC as one of my biggest clients.

Q: Will you have to move from Vermont?

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A: No.  I do NMC work, like the rest of BAC work, from home and perhaps with some travel.

I’m very excited about this opportunity.

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EDITED TO ADD: the torrent of social media responses to this announcement has been very sweet.  Thank you, friends!

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6 Responses to Joining the New Media Consortium

  1. Yo, Bryan! Congratulations!
    Me, too!
    You probably picked up that I am now a (paid!) blogger for NMC on one of your topics, Digital Storytelling.
    I haven’t been to a NMC event yet, but maybe I’ll meet you at one this year for a big abrazo!

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  3. Congrats, Bryan, this is very good news for you and for NMC. Also, for what it’s worth, your sacrificing the queen series is right on the money. You rule.

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