Bryan’s travels for the next month

Inspired by Audrey Watters and other friends, I’d like to mention some of my upcoming trips and public appearances ahead of time.

ELI 2016 spring focus session logoOn April 25th I’m leading a short workshop on the future of education and technology at New York University.

Later that week I’m a discussant in the ELI 2016 Online Spring Focus Session, talking about next generation learning management systems.

May 13th (yes, a Friday) I’m presenting to the University of Mary Washington’s open education summit.  Topics: OER and more.

Then on May 23rd I’m speaking to and with people at an Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities event in Cleveland.  While the focus is on education and technology, I hope to add other contexts.

Are you attending any of these events?  I’d be delighted to meet up, insane scheduling permitting.

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5 Responses to Bryan’s travels for the next month

  1. actualham says:

    Looking forward to being with you and Gardner at UMW in May! Though sadly, I will be remote– wish I could swing the f2f, but I have an exam that day and graduation the next day. But at least I can bring two dimensions to the conversation… 🙂

  2. I’ll be attending the Focus Session. Bringing a few others from my institution.

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