Talking about the future of education with university business officers

NACUBO logoIf you like audio, here’s another interview with me.  I met with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and talked about all kinds of educational developments.  I’m very excited to work with NACUBO, since campus finance leaders are so focused on the economic issues I address.

What did we talk about?  As the podcast site says,

The demographic landscape is evolving, and in so doing, providing the richest opportunity that higher education has had in decades, according to futurist, researcher, and writer Bryan Alexander. These demographic trends, the aging of the student body, the demands of technology in and out of the classroom, all function to shake the worldview of those in a position to lead today’s institutions. This week, Alexander offers a rich landscape to tread as we navigate our own future as CBOs. The silver lining? Thanks to science fiction, social media, and a generation of students ready to get to work, there is real innovation taking place in many sectors of higher ed, as long as we’re willing and able to embrace it!

The more podcast interviews I do, the more I think I should start my own podcast.

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4 Responses to Talking about the future of education with university business officers

  1. David Edwin Stone says:

    Middle States sees the PA budget impasse as an accreditation issue for state and state related institutions, sends a letter.

    Don’t credit me with the referral if you don’t mind.

  2. VanessaVaile says:

    Bryan, I’m all for you starting your own podcasts — perhaps a combination series of originals and best picks. I already tend to do what you recommend — reading and listening outside my comfort zone, although perhaps still not enough. I would not have thought of NACUBO but just subscribed to the podcasts.

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