Discussing the book in progress with EdSurge

Last week EdSurge hosted me for a video discussion about the book I’m writing.

Jeff Young was a fine host, and also wrote up good notes.  There is also a video recording of our conversation:

A few aspects struck me.

First, I appreciated the audience questions, which hit topics I don’t normally address – here, parenting and andragogy.

Second, Jeff and the crowd were remarkably patient with my poor internet connectivity.  This time it wasn’t Vermont’s fault.  I was driving across upstate New York and had to scrounge for bandwidth, ending up with a combination of cell phone service (using Shindig‘s mobile app) and rest stop WiFi.

rest stop upstate NY

A quiet corner of a roadside Burger King.

Once again the limitations of American broadband became apparent.

Third, despite the bandwidth, this was a good example of the type 2 webinar I’ve described.  I could have paged through a slide stack detailing my work in progress.  It would have been easier on the network if I didn’t use video.  But this way people got a better sense of who I was and what I’m working on.  They got to see Jeff’s reactions.  I think it was a richer, more responsive experience than a Type 1 would have been.

Thanks to Jeff and EdSurge for hosting.


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