What should we do next with the Future Trends Forum?

We launched the Future Trends Forum in early February 2016.  Since then we’ve engaged nearly 2,000 participants and produced nearly 100 sessions.  What should we do next?

I asked this question in the summer of 2016, and the responses were both generous and fascinating.  They have deeply informed our decisions over the subsequent year.

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 This is one example of what I mean by conducting a futures project openly and with transparency.

Robin Hanson, Fred Beshears, and Roxann Riskin having a blast yesterday talking about the future of automation.

So tell us, as we look towards 2018, what the Forum should do next.  What did you make of our guests and topics?

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 Which experimental formats worked best for you?  Whom should we invite to be the next guests?

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 Which communication channels do you prefer for learning about upcoming sessions?  What kind of funny hats should we wear at the next holiday Forum party?

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 The survey is standing by:


“Bryan, I haven’t ever attended a Forum session.  I know the thing exists, because you mutter about it.  Can I still take your blessed survey?”

Yes, of course.  Your knowing something of it counts.

“Bryan, er, what are you talking about?  What is this Flora, this Floral, this Formidable of which you speak?”

It’s the Future Trends Forum.  Follow that link to learn more.  Check out some of the recordings.

And thank you in advance for your thoughts and participation.

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