What should we ask Google's education evangelist tomorrow?

Jaime Casap
This Thursday I’m excited to host a terrific guest on the Future Trends Forum. He’s Google’s education evangelist, Jaime Casap.

Jaime focuses on the links between social justice, technology, access, and education.  In addition to those issues, I plan on asking about some topics familiar to Forum participants, including open education, generational differences, and automation, for starters.

Please RSVP beforehand, or just click here on Thursday at 2 pm EST.

To find more information about the Future Trends Forum, including notes and recordings of previous sessions, click here: https://bryanalexander.org/the-future-trends-forum/ .

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4 Responses to What should we ask Google's education evangelist tomorrow?

  1. Sam Anderson says:

    Are there any plans to make it easier for students and other users within Google apps for Education domains to move document and file ownership out of that domain to a personal account when a student graduates or leaves an institution?

  2. Ask him how we can reverse the trend of catastrophically declining state support for public universities and whether highly profitable private companies should step in to support public universities. All this futuristic techno babble from Silicon Valley is useless to small public colleges in many parts of the country that used to serve poor students but now are in danger of being closed or of providing a college education that really isn’t.

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