This week on the Future Trends Forum: Gardner Campbell

This Thursday – tomorrow – the Future Trends Forum will welcome Gardner Campbell as our guest.

Gardner Campbell portrait by D'Arcy normanI usually introduce Gardner as a educational visionary, an edutech innovator, a man of letters, a skilled and experienced blogger, a keen guru of audio, a splendid teacher, and a friend.  He is also Vice Provost for Learning Innovation & Student Success at Virginia Commonwealth University.

We plan on discussing two broad topics: what student success is in a digital ecosystem, followed by educating for uncertainty.  Knowing how Gardner and I usually talk, you might expect riffs on literature, myth, rock and roll, technology, and teaching as well.

The Shindig starts at 2 pm EST this Thursday, April 7th.  You can RSVP by clicking this link, as well as by jumping through the URL at that time:

You can find more information about the Future Trends Forum, including information about, recordings of, and notes to previous sessions, right here.

(photo of Gardner by D’Arcy Norman)

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2 Responses to This week on the Future Trends Forum: Gardner Campbell

  1. Chris L says:

    I’m looking forward to this one…and I don’t often look forward to anything involving education and technology!

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