The next step for MOOCs?

How far will massively open online courses go?

One limit to the impact of MOOCs has been their disconnection from college credit. Learners can work through as many MOOCs as they like for personal improvement, but without any impact on their school transcripts. The American Council on Education (ACE) is considering changing that. The Gates Foundation funded an ACE examination of several Coursera courses to see if they can recommend accreditation.

Will this happen? I launched a NITLE prediction market to find out.

As of this writing, traders seem to think ACE will favor the MOOCs:

Prediction market screenshot

One day’s worth of trading.

If the traders are right, and ACE does recommend accrediting some MOOCs, what comes next?  Watch to see which institutions announce accepting Coursera coursework.

The NITLE prediction markets is a free Web game to help us think through the future of technology in education.  Here’s a short introduction.

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