Talking about the future of education

One article recently carried my broodings on the future of education.  Campus Technology had a panel of futurists reacting to different technologies.  I took on MOOCs, among others:

MOOCs are of great concern to campus leaders and stakeholders, from chief academic officers to trustees and government officials. They potentially represent a deep change to education, whereby on-site learning becomes a kind of supplement to powerful lectures delivered via MOOC.

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Some institutions may well publish their own MOOCs in an attempt to catch up in the field and to reach a global market. Alternatively, MOOCs could become a low-level supplement to formal, on-site learning.

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However, the amount of buzz seen in 2012 raises the possibility that MOOCs are vulnerable to a hype crash a la Gartner’s hype-cycle model.

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Also, KQED included me in a fine group advocating both the use of social media and teaching critical thinking about cyberculture.  Which was nice, and a reminder to get the next book proposal out.

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