Several futures of higher education

This infographic about the future of higher education has some useful stuff.

I’m glad it contrasts a moderate change scenario with a more aggressive transformation model.(The former actually recalls my scenario, “The Serpent Devours a Large Mammal”) It’s important to create a third path between things-as-they-are and a future of radical change. The list of “ways colleges may change” is basic, but handy:

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The chart emphasizes technology, but not to the point of inevitability.

(thanks to Rebecca Davis on Twitter)

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2 Responses to Several futures of higher education

  1. Malcolm Brown says:

    Interesting in the graphic is the voting on which scenario “stakeholders” agreed with.

    Myself, I find the modest change scenario too conservative, and the substantial change scenario too radical. I think higher ed, by 2020, will be somewhere in-between. I my wanderings I still detect perceptions of benefit in face-to-face education, both from faculty and students. So I think the scenarios of “mass adoption” maybe be overeager.

    Also an interesting twist on the adoption question is: by whom? The traditional segment of students who are of traditional undergraduate age? Or by a group of new, more adult learners who might not have attended college in the first place. If you cast those populations against these scenarios, I think you arrive at a rather nuanced view of the future.

  2. I agree on the f2f persistence, Malcolm, and on the age issue. Especially the latter.

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