Reshaping the University: trends report

APF logoI have a new article out.  It’s called “Reshaping the University” (pdf), and is part of the Association of Professional Futurists’ regular Compass report.

It’s a briefing about current trends, following my FTTE work, and aimed at a general audience.

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4 Responses to Reshaping the University: trends report

  1. One “macro” advantage of college is that it delays entrance into the labor force. Given the persistence of high unemployment/under employment, it is not clear that the “new economy” can handle more young people (especially males) opting for the labor force instead of college.

    • That’s a good and disturbing point, Rodney. Like demobilizing an army, there’s the problem of finding jobs for newly available would-be workers.
      Perhaps that’s one reason for the growth of part-time employment, a/k/a “the gig economy”. It’s *some* work.

  2. VanessaVaile says:

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    Do read the whole Special Issue but take particular note of Bryan’s “Reshaping the University” (p 8) and Sara Robinson’s “Overhauling higher education” (p 5)

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