One university adds a class of senior citizens

One American campus has followed my advice about creating academic programs for senior citizens.  Stanford University now offers the Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI).

In partnership with the Stanford Center on Longevity, our yearlong program utilizes the wealth of innovation and knowledge at one of the world’s finest universities to create new and enriching professional and personal pathways for the next stage of life.

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Stanford DCI program

Note some of the ways DCI addresses the particular needs of seniors:

To promote future longevity and success, each fellow has the opportunity for a personal health assessment that includes a health, exercise, and personal well-being plan. They also have access to career and transition planning along with access to placement firms.

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Finally, systematic data gathering provide insights to be shared among our community and advance our understanding of life-career transitions.

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It’s a small program – only 20 people – but could lead to even larger efforts, especially as America’s demographics trend older.

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(thanks to Garthster Lucerne)

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4 Responses to One university adds a class of senior citizens

  1. At Lane Community College, we have a Successful Aging Institute. It isn’t credit accruing, but it has a lot going on it.

  2. Ilene Frank says:

    Bryan, I’m not sure if this qualifies: Did you see this at Harvard for alums (who may or may not be senior citizens I suppose)?
    Also.. lifelong learning which focuses on area seniors is not unusual. For example University of South Florida has the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute but so far it’s on-campus only. Seniors in Florida can audit on-campus courses on a space-available basis….( Now that I think about it, I don’t know what they are doing about enrollment in online courses! I’ll have to find out!

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