Where does net neutrality stand in fall 2018?

What’s happening with net neutrality, and what does it mean for education?

To find out I’m devoting this Thursday’s Future Trends Forum to a conversation with Jarret Cummings.  Jarret is the director of Policy and Government Relations at EDUCAUSE, and probably the world’s leading expert on what the end of net neutrality means for learning and campuses.

To prepare for the session, or just to learn about the topic, here are some relevant readings:

We hosted Jarret this past January, where he patiently and generously introduced the topic:

If you’d like to join us on Thursday from 2-3 pm eastern time, just click here to register ahead of time or click there and then to join us live.

If you can’t make it, please leave thoughts and questions here for me to raise.  We’ll post the session recording to YouTube, too.

Previous posts on this topic:

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2 Responses to Where does net neutrality stand in fall 2018?

  1. I’m looking forward to talking with Bryan Alexander and FTF participants shortly about continuing net neutrality developments. In the meantime, I wanted to share a post from Harold Feld, Public Knowledge’s resident net neutrality expert, about how the recent Verizon throttling case affecting California firefighters illustrates exactly what the Pai FCC got wrong in repealing net neutrality rules:


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