This Thursday: net neutrality and education in 2018

Jarret CummingsThis week on the Future Trends Forum we’re returning to net neutrality and education, with the help of one of educational technology’s leaders on the issue.  On Thursday, January 25th, from 2-3 pm EST, we’ll be joined by Jarret Cummings, the Director of Policy and Government Relations for EDUCAUSE.

Jarret oversees association efforts to address federal policy and regulatory issues with significant implications for member interests. This includes serving as the lead contact for such issues; managing the activities of consultants in crafting responses and positions; facilitating cooperation and collaboration with other higher education associations and relevant organizations; and representing EDUCAUSE in related forums and processes under the direction of the President.

Cummings previously worked as a policy specialist in the EDUCAUSE Washington Office and as program administrator for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI).

Working on net neutrality with a constellation of other organizations and institutions, Jarret authored the official EDUCAUSE statement.  I interviewed him about this in December.

I plan on asking Jarret about what he sees unfolding in the technology realm as ISPs take advantage of their new abilities.  I will also raise the topic of what those of us working in education can do about it.

More importantly, you will have the chance to ask your own questions. After all, the way the Forum works is that all attendees can ask our guests questions, engage and collaborate with other leaders in education technology, and also invite friends and colleagues to join.
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