A short digital story about forests, snowshoeing, and memory

Over the past two days it snowed up here in Vermont’s Green Mountains, despite it being April.  Therefore Ceredwyn and I went snowshoeing in the woods.

To document and reflect on the experience, I made a short digital story:

This is in the classic StoryCenter model.  The topic is autobiographical.  The length comes in at just under 3 minutes.  The media items include photographs, one video clip, a voiceover, and one extra soundtrack (environmental sounds).  It differs slightly in that there isn’t any music, because I wanted to focus on the natural setting, and in not having any credits, because I made everything,

As we progress towards moving away, making such digital stories is both poignant (is this the last Vermont snowfall we’ll experience?) and extra-reflective.

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3 Responses to A short digital story about forests, snowshoeing, and memory

  1. Bryan,
    I am always so happy to see someone else using this digital storytelling form for reflective, local, autobiographical stories. It was good to hear your voice, deepening and maturing into the elegiac. I remember as an English major of a certain era learning Villon’s line, “Where are the snows of yesteryear?” You have embodied that and made it your own, complete with local snow.

    On another note of inquiry, those trees seemed so skinny. We would call that fourth or fifth growth–so cut over that only alder and vine maple can grow, but what is it really? Is it cut over or is that what a Vermont forest is supposed to look like? When we see photos of rolling hills covered with autumn flame, is that what we are seeing?

    Thanks again for a prose poem worth watching more than once.

    • I had Villon in mind, but didn’t feel like quoting it.

      Trees: Vermont was seriously deforested in the 1800s. It took the 20th-century environmental stewardship movement to bring it back.

      Autumn flame: we do leaf out nicely.

      And thank you.

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