Coronavirus and higher education resources

COVID-19 single virusI currently maintain several resources concerning higher education and the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

  • A list of resources for keeping track of the virus, including dashboards, official sources, experts on social media, open access content, libguides, etc.
  • A spreadsheet listing information about colleges and universities closing because of the virus.
  • A range of posts about COVID-19 and its impact on academia.
  • Live video events: Chronicle of Higher Education; EdSurge; Future Trends Forum.
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23 Responses to Coronavirus and higher education resources


    Also, see my twitter feed where I’ve posted several resources for K-12 educators. You might find some of that interesting, even if not Higher-Ed focused.

  2. Jenn Stringer says:

    Bryan this is awesome as I’m sure you know. One of the things we are grappling with now is alternative activities for STEM labs, dance, art practice, etc. Any chance that you might think about crowd sourcing that specifically?

  3. DF says:

    The University of South Carolina just extended Spring Break, according to a front-page newspaper article in the Post & Courier (Charleston).

  4. Amanda Edelhart says:

    When will the list be upstated with more recent closures? Like Mt Holyoke, Bowling Green State and Cornell?

  5. Joanne Bladon says:

    Penn State University Park just sent a text to students saying classes would be remote starting next week. Athletes still on campus this week were told they are to stay on campus.

  6. The University of Virginia is moving to all online courses through the end of spring semester.

  7. Scott Lowe says:

    Going online only starting March 12

  8. NA says:

    Dartmouth College in NH and Williams College in MA have both switched to online/virtual undergraduate courses until further notice.

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  10. Krista DeLeeuw says:

    Does anyone have a list of resources for sharing with faculty as they prepare to take their courses online?

    • Krista DeLeeuw says:

      I should have specified –
      I mean resources that give them quick information on how to convert their face-to-face courses with online versions. Our eLearning team is spending a lot of time creating and curating our own lists and tutorials this week.

      Thank you!

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  12. Mark Vickers says:

    Bryan, I’d be interested in a piece on how to educate governmental leaders, both elected and otherwise, to be more competent both preceding and during crises. How is this done now? By whom? How many government leaders actually receive such education and training? What resources can they turn to? How can voters determine if these leaders have the skills required to do their jobs? Etc.

  13. Mohan 234 says:

    University travel restrictions.

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