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Updates on the New Media Consortium bankruptcy: a purchase, an intervention, and possibilities

Here’s an update on the New Media Consortium bankruptcy story (and here are my previous posts, if you’d like to catch up).  Several important things have happened over the past week. Yesterday EDUCAUSE successfully acquired the NMC’s intellectual property.  The organization’s president, … Continue reading

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EDUCAUSE offers to buy the New Media Consortium’s assets

An update on the New Media Consortium bankruptcy story: EDUCAUSE is offering to buy up the NMC’s assets.  This is a major development in that story, with great potential to influence the field of educational technology. In this post I’ll … Continue reading

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Beyond the Horizon Report: a plan and a call for participation

Two weeks ago I floated the idea of creating a new project, a future of education and technology initiative that would go beyond the late Horizon Report. I wasn’t sure if anyone would respond, to be honest.  This is awkward … Continue reading

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Beyond the Horizon Report: towards a new project

The Horizon Report, produced by the New Media Consortium, seems to be ending with that group’s liquidation.  (To learn more about the NMC’s sudden demise read here and here.) What’s next? Will the Horizon project become a historical artifact and … Continue reading

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A disclaimer about the New Media Consortium and myself

I am writing this post after numerous public and private conversations, including some with lawyers. To be completely clear, in case it’s not: I do not work for the New Media Consortium.  I am an independent actor, unaffiliated with NMC, … Continue reading

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What next for the New Media Consortium? Today's discussion on the Forum

What will happen with the New Media Consortium? buy filitra online buy filitra no prescription generic   Whither the staff, their Horizon Report, and the network of people around it? That’s what we’ll explore in today’s Future Trends Forum.  From … Continue reading

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The New Media Consortium: updates and next steps

Nearly one week ago the New Media Consortium stunned the education technology world by announcing it was shut down and liquidate its assets.  It’s been a wild and weird few days. With this post I’d like to update everyone.  Please … Continue reading

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The New Media Consortium: its sudden death and what comes next

Yesterday many of us learned to our shock that the New Media Consortium (NMC) was going to be liquidated. We learned via an email announcement, as follows: Black background in the original.  This is a screen capture. Shortly after receiving … Continue reading

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