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One forecast for higher ed in the 2020s

It’s the year 2020 and the appearance of a new decade has many people looking ahead to see what might come up. One example comes from Inside Higher Ed.  John Kroger* offers ten predictions, and it’s a useful set to … Continue reading

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One useful datapoint on how Americans think about higher ed availability and affordability

Gallup published another poll about how Americans view higher ed.  It’s not a big poll, but offers several key points that anyone interested in academia and the US should consider. First, what do we make of higher ed accessibility?  How … Continue reading

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Decades late, most American states start trying to attempt to start to get around to trying to spend a little more money on higher ed

Some important new data just appeared about higher ed financing. tl;dr version: there’s good news and bad news. The good news is: nearly all American states spent more on public higher ed last year than they did the year before. … Continue reading

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American higher education enrollment declines again, continuing a nearly decade-long trend

The number of students enrolled in American higher education declined again, according to National Student Clearinghouse data.  When I say “again” that refers to the fact that total enrollment has dropped for eight years, semester by semester.  (I’ve been tracking … Continue reading

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How important is higher ed to Americans?

What do Americans think about higher education? buy doxycycline online buy doxycycline no prescription generic   According to a new Gallup poll we value it a bit less than we recently did. For anyone involved in or thinking about higher … Continue reading

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American religious affiliation keeps changing: less Christianity, more “nones”

One of the big social-cultural trends I’ve been tracking is the changing nature of American religious belief. Specifically, I’ve been watching for signs of a long-promised secularization, as we’ve seen in many other developed nations. And there are now some … Continue reading

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How far will digital video go?

In 2019 the growth of digital video looks like one enormous and steady trend.  We see video appear wherever we can wrangle a screen, from smartphones to large screen tvs to the backs of passenger airplane seats and the fronts … Continue reading

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50 years after Apollo 11: what will we do in space for the next 50 years?

This week is the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon.  My son and I visited Washington, DC’s National Mall to see some of the commemorations. A brilliant team projected a video of the entire Saturn V … Continue reading

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Living in the 21st century: drones versus autonomous cars

Sometimes the 21st century actually sounds like the 21st century of futurism and science fiction.  Sometimes it appears that way through a certain story or the development of a given trend. And sometimes trends coincide, then produce something new. Case … Continue reading

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An illustrative story about public higher education funding

When people consider the decline of state support for public higher education, it’s commonplace to hear calls to reverse that trend.  What’s rare is to hear people describing plans for how such a fine reversal could occur. I suspect it’s … Continue reading

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