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Our favorite mobile apps: Appy Hour on the Future Trends Forum

What are the best apps for education?  What can their selection tell us about the evolution of technology? Last Thursday the Future Trends Forum ran an experiment.  We didn’t host a guest, as we usually do.  Instead, we hosted an … Continue reading

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Discussion question: why is Facebook succeeding financially?

How is Facebook doing these days?  After repeated scandals, a tidal wave of criticism, a much-pilloried Congressional appearance, bad publicity, rumors and reports of declining user numbers and/or participation, the social media platform… is enjoying its stock trading higher than … Continue reading

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What the Mary Meeker slides mean for the future of education

Last week Mary Meeker published her latest trends report.  It’s gotten a lot of attention, typically; here I’d like to identify what I see as the important findings for the future of education. (If you’re not familiar with this effort, Meeker … Continue reading

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Kids in America, using social media and playing computer games

How are teenagers using technology? This question has occupied media coverage and educators’ thoughts since the 20th century.  It has given rise to rumors, legends, myths, and policies.  Thankfully Pew Research is continuing its longstanding practice of conducting sober research.  … Continue reading

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When an ISP fails: the case of Consolidated Communications

How bad can rural broadband get?  If our experience over the past three days is exemplary, then the answer is: pretty bad. Our home and business internet service provider (ISP) is Consolidated Communications (Wikipedia).  Some of you may recall that our … Continue reading

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When the mobile revolution and the digital divide combine

How does the ongoing mobile revolution intersect with the persistent digital divide? A new Pew study* updates us on how Americans are using mobile devices in 2018, and it tells us a great deal. Here’s one key finding.  20% of … Continue reading

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Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in education: a NERCOMP workshop

Yesterday I organized a NERCOMP event on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in education.  I’d like to share some of the proceedings which seem especially important and also cool. Most of the actual work was done by Emory Craig (University … Continue reading

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Two thoughtful visualizations about technology, media, and ourselves

I’m traveling this week, so blogging is lighter, but I wanted to share two powerful visualizations for your consideration.  Both are about media and our relationship to it in 2018, albeit concerning two different topics. First, here’s a sharp depiction … Continue reading

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Post 1,000

Today’s post is number 1,000. That’s one thousand individual blog posts over the past seven+ years. What does this milestone number mean? We can look at it through stats. One thousand posts consist of 620,334 words, according to the WP Word … Continue reading

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The webinar must die: a friendly proposal

When was the last time you really enjoyed a webinar?  How often do we expect a webinar to actually teach us something, or to provide a social or emotional connection with other human beings? After years of evolution, there are … Continue reading

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