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What’s the best way to work with pdfs in 2022?

Here’s a problem I didn’t think I’d be dealing with as the year 2023 draws nigh.  What’s the best way to read pdfs? To explain: I read a lot of digital texts, from emails and social media updates to ebooks, … Continue reading

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Why has higher education decided on Zoom?

Question for you all: why are so many colleges and universities using Zoom, after two+ years of the pandemic? Let me explain my question, then share what I’ve learned from research and conversations. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve … Continue reading

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An encounter with Facebook’s laughable “content moderation”

Last week I posted about a dozen times to Facebook.  One of those posts caught the attention of that site’s content management operations. I’d like to share that experience here as an example of Facebook’s fumbling, as well as the … Continue reading

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Americans using social media: a 2021 update from Pew Research

How do Americans use social media in 2021, during a pandemic and a massive wave of anti-Silicon Valley outrage? Pew Research just published another one of their very useful surveys on how people engage with technology. Here I’ll summarize what … Continue reading

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Newsletters I’m following in early 2021

Email newsletters are enjoying a renaissance now.  A growing number of people are either starting to write them or have shifted their writing practice to newsletters. Several platforms have appeared and won both writers and readership, such as Substack.  Business … Continue reading

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What do Mars and Texas tell us about technology?

Two major stories about technology struck me this week.  Each was fascinating on its own, but I thought that pairing them was also interesting: What does Perseverance landing on Mars, and the massive power failure in Texas, taken together, tell … Continue reading

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Launching my new technology seminar

Tonight is the first session of my technology, innovation, and design seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology masters program.  This seminar is required for all LDT students, so the class tends to be among the largest. As usual … Continue reading

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The little spreadsheet that could, and did: crowdsourcing COVID-19, higher education, data, and stories

I’ve been tracking the global coronavirus since early February, with a focus on how it impacts higher education worldwide.  That tracking has meant blogging here, tweeting, and creating a resource post. Then I made something new, and now I have … Continue reading

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Snapshot of a conversational morning

I’d like to share a small sample of how I use social media.  Not for a spectacular event, nor a comprehensive overview, and definitely not in a professionally ethnographic way, but just to demo some ways social media can work … Continue reading

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The dead won’t shut up: on Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker

The movie theater showing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker began by screening 35 minutes of trailers.  At first I thought this was because they had us trapped.  Then, once I saw The Rise of Skywalker, I realized it was … Continue reading

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