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How many colleges and universities are blocking TikTok?

How might rising US-China tensions impact higher education? This month we’re seeing developments on one small aspect of that larger question.  Interest in blocking hit video app TikTok has been cropping up in the United States.  Fifteen states now prohibit … Continue reading

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What is going on with attacks on American power stations?

When is a story a signal of a future event? I’ve been tracking a recent series of events which, while receiving little media attention, suggest some serious possibilities.  They involve attacks on American electrical power stations.  This isn’t about higher … Continue reading

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More on changing American religion and higher education

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  I am here to give a talk to, and meet with people at, an Ellucian users’ conference. It’s lovely to be in person for an educational technology event.  I’m masked, but can still bask in human … Continue reading

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Modeling the decline of American Christianity

What does America look like if the decline in Christian belief continues? What might this mean for higher education? buy eriacta online buy eriacta no prescription generic I’ve been tracking this religious trend for a while (2021, 2019, 2017). Today … Continue reading

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Modeling civil unrest in the United States: some historical cases

Greetings from the United States holiday of Labor Day.  I took a day off yesterday with my wife to explore Fredericksburg, a nearby Virginia city with interesting historical and general stuff.  Being an America, I couldn’t take the day really … Continue reading

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Biden announces a student loan forgiveness policy

Today president Biden announced a new policy for student debt forgiveness. I’d like to summarize what it offers, share some thoughts, then invite you all to comment. The plan specifies amounts to be forgiven: “The Department of Education will provide … Continue reading

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The Inflation Reduction Act and higher education: open thread

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is now a reality, after Congress passed it and president Biden signed it into law. It’s a mix of different items, from giving Congress new drug price negotiating powers to tweaking tax codes, but I … Continue reading

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How do we think of our present time, looking to the future? The 2022 Polycrisis and what comes next

Today is a Sunday in northeastern Virginia.  It’s a very warm afternoon now, the temperature around 88°F (31°C) and humidity driving the heat index to 100°F (38°C). The cats are resting inside, sensibly basking in air conditioning after lazing on … Continue reading

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The end of Roe and what it might mean for American higher education

I do appeal to educators across the nation to think, seriously and urgently: With the landscape for women’s reproductive rights changed, what will your institution do to prevent the erosion of women’s hard-won achievements in higher education? –Jo Ellen Parker … Continue reading

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Please talk me out of a grim climate crisis analysis and forecast

As I revise Universities on Fire I have been mulling over one way of looking at the climate crisis in recent history and the near future.  It’s a grim view, specifically of the United States, and yet I can’t shake … Continue reading

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