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Coronavirus, the world, and academia: 2020 March 6 update

In this post I’ll update you on what I’ve found about higher education’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, with an eye towards the future.  It’s a continuation of the coronavirus blogging I’ve been doing since early February. (Meta question: is … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and academia: what can we do to help now?

I’ve been tracking the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on higher education for weeks.  That’s a mix of blog posts and tweets. My question today is: what else can I do to help? Is there anything I can add based … Continue reading

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COVID-19, academia, and the big push online: an update

How is higher education responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? (If you’re new to this blog, I’ve been tracking the virus since it appeared in January, as part of my broader project of studying the future of higher education.  You … Continue reading

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What does COVID-19 mean for higher education? Looking ahead.

Today I was planning on responding to Eddie Maloney and Joshua Kim’s thoughtful column about what powers change in academia. But circumstances urge me instead to post about COVID-19* and higher education instead.  I’ve been tracking this so far in … Continue reading

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How I track the coronavirus

How can we best stay informed about the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak? I’ve been tracking it carefully for weeks, and have built up an online search strategy.  I’d like to share a description of it here, partly in case it’s useful for … Continue reading

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Pandemic and academic possibilities: the coronavirus outbreak continues

I blogged about possible futures for the coronavirus on February 12th, then followed up by looking into possibilities for academia two days later.  How have things changed since? In this post I’ll begin with a quick update on COVID-19 according … Continue reading

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What might the coronavirus mean for higher education?

Yesterday I blogged about the possible future paths of the coronavirus outbreak.  Today I’d like to ask: what does all of this mean for academia? I’ve been thinking about this problem for years, actually. Disease outbreak futuring is a longstanding … Continue reading

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A new virus appears in the world

What might we anticipate from the Wuhan coronavirus?  What does a futures perspective bring to the table? This is a very risky topic to address, naturally.  The outbreak is ongoing.  Data is often provisional or suspect.  Multiple layers of privacy, … Continue reading

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