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One plan for American higher ed this fall: how many campuses are requiring vaccines? UPDATED

UPDATED MAY 1 As spring term proceeds, colleges and universities are planning for this upcoming fall semester. There is a lot going on in this complex process, especially as pandemic conditions change. I have posted about one scenario already, plus … Continue reading

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What our pandemic year tells us about how we might respond to the climate crisis

What does our experience with the COVID pandemic suggest about how humanity will deal with the far greater crisis of climate change? As a futurist, I’ve been thinking about this for a while (see earlier posts 1 and 2) and … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to higher ed in fall 2021: struggling towards normalcy

Earlier this week my family took in a videoconference hosted by the University of Vermont, where Owain is a history major. The UVM team was very clear on one point: the return of a pre-COVID educational setting by fall 2021.  … Continue reading

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Getting my second COVID vaccination

On February 14th I received my first COVID vaccination.  This week, on March 8th, I got the second one. I’d like to share my impressions here for a few reasons, starting with my customary transparency. Perhaps this little account will … Continue reading

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When COVID hit higher education: one year ago this week

The COVID-19 pandemic has raged long enough that we now have one year anniversaries.  As vaccines race against variants, we can look back a year to see what we were doing and thinking at the terrible thing began. What did … Continue reading

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Getting my first COVID vaccination shot: good news, bad news

On Sunday I received my first COVID-19 vaccination. I’d like to describe the story here.  That’s partly to demystify the experience for anyone who might be skeptical of the shot. And perhaps this is a bit of useful documentation for … Continue reading

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Futures thinking and the pandemic: looking back one year ago

One year ago… One year ago, I was (among other things) monitoring the nascent coronavirus outbreak, trying to extrapolate how it might impact the world in general and higher ed in particular. I gathered information and data steadily and did … Continue reading

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How will higher education react to an expanded pandemic this semester?

How will higher education react if the COVID pandemic gets worse this semester? On the one hand this seems like a surprising question, given the current standing of infections, at least in the US. Those numbers have been trending downwards, … Continue reading

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How is higher education adapting to the pandemic? Introducing #COVedStories

How did colleges and universities manage to shunt classes online in a hurry last spring? What are we doing in higher ed now to organize spring term during a still-roaring pandemic? What are our stories of educational transformation? I’d like … Continue reading

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A survey is open: lessons from higher ed’s COVID-19 response

I’d like to share a new survey with my readers. It just opened up and concerns what higher education has learned from COVID-19. I’m sharing it for two reasons.  First, some of you know this is a topic I’m focused … Continue reading

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