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Campus COVID dashboards: a list and what we can learn from them

How do we track the coronavirus as it hits higher education? As fall semesters begin across the United States, some colleges and universities have taken to publishing their internal COVID-19 data.  This often takes the form of dashboards hosted on … Continue reading

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Today’s COVID-19 anecdote: an encounter with the maskless

We just had an intense experience.  Consider it a small narrative of the pandemic, a tiny COVID-19 socialization datapoint. Earlier this afternoon my wife and I walked to the nearest drugstore to buy meds.  Also, I really needed a walk.  … Continue reading

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Will higher education crack down on fraternities and sororities as COVID-19 dangers?

As some American colleges and universities welcome back students on campus, COVID-19 infections are rising.  This has already triggered responses, from moving classes back online preemptively to several Toggle Term events. What about fraternities and sororities?  Do they represent a … Continue reading

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Another Toggle Term: North Carolina State University

This week has seen two American universities choose what I’ve dubbed a Toggle Term.  That means they began the fall semester with in-person education but switched over to wholly online education once infections took off. The first Toggle was the … Continue reading

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More campuses head online, another Toggle Term situation, and debates over killing students: today in COVID-19 higher education

It is August 19th, 2020, and fall semester is rushing upon American higher education.  The past few weeks have seen a series of developments, from schools offering rebatesdiscounts to some campuses opening up and experiencing infection spikes to others wrestling … Continue reading

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Campuses open and COVID-19 infections spread

Fall semester is upon us.  For roughly one quarter to one third of American higher education their students, faculty, and staff are heading to campus, even as COVID-19 infections and deaths keep rising. As a result, some number of people … Continue reading

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill jumps back online: our first Toggle Term case study

Back in April I first published three scenarios for fall 2020 classes.  One I named Toggle Term, which is when a campus switches from online to in-person education, or vice versa.  So far few colleges or universities have publicly committed … Continue reading

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What are the criteria for flipping a fall semester into a Toggle Term?

How will colleges and universities respond to on-campus infections this fall? Previously I have posited three scenarios that describe how academic institutions might proceed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of them, Toggle Term, outlines a semester wherein campuses switch from … Continue reading

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Announcing a new project: Higher Education’s Big Rethink

How will higher education change in response to this extraordinary year? I’ve been writing and presenting on this topic for a while, and now am delighted to announce a new project addressing it.  I’ve been working on it this summer, … Continue reading

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In late July academia changed its mind about the fall term

I wonder if this past week was when American higher education made its major move in the direction of online education for fall term. I don’t mean that 100% of colleges and universities are now wholly virtual.  Instead, I mean … Continue reading

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