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A bloodless queen sacrifice?

A queen sacrifice is when a college or university cuts faculty, especially full-time professors, usually as part of shrinking or ending certain academic programs.  That’s how I’ve been using this sad yet useful term over the past few years. The … Continue reading

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Stony Brook launches a queen sacrifice by cutting humanities and humanists

Stony Brook University, a leading American university and member of New York’s SUNY system, is cutting back on the humanities.  It’s another example of what I’ve been calling a queen sacrifice, as an administration reduces academic programs and professors. One component … Continue reading

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Another college readies a queen sacrifice

Another American campus has decided to cut faculty and possibly programs.  This time it’s on the west coast, but the queen sacrifice pattern is quite clear.  Mills College officially announced it was “restructuring“.  That includes a “Financial Stabilization Plan (FSP) that … Continue reading

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How academia adjunctified faculty and mainstreamed the queen sacrifice

A new Education Dive article offers a fascinating datapoint about queen sacrifices.  It’s actually focused on two recent American Institutes for Research reports on the economic impact of adjunctification, which are very useful, but the Dive’s conclusion is remarkable.  Needless to say, … Continue reading

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A queen sacrifice in New Hampshire

Another American campus has embarked on a queen sacrifice.  This time it’s Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire, and the pattern is all too familiar. The small college is laying off staff and faculty.  That means “seven faculty members and 11 … Continue reading

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AAUP censures a college for its queen sacrifice

Today the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) formally censured the College of Saint Rose for its 2015 firing of tenured and tenure-track faculty members.  The charge: “violating standards of academic freedom and tenure.”  This follows an AAUP investigation and … Continue reading

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University of Wyoming prepares for a queen sacrifice: “The overall goal is downsizing”

Yet another American state is experiencing harsh pressures on its public higher education system, and is considering a queen sacrifice.  This time it’s the University of Wyoming, whose president is preparing to declare of financial emergency. According to the Caspar Star … Continue reading

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University of Illinois considers queen sacrifice and other desperate measures

Another American state continues to experience higher education pain.  Illinois has been struggling under the multiple burdens of demographics, a sclerotic state government, and rising costs (see some of my posts).  Now the University of Illinois system‘s president, Timothy Killeen, states … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice from Kentucky higher education

Last week we saw Kentucky’s community college system cut nearly 200 staff and faculty.  At almost the exact time another public institution in that state wielded its own ax, as Northern Kentucky University removed 105 jobs.  That’s 68 staff and … Continue reading

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170 staff and faculty laid off in Kentucky queen sacrifice

Kentucky’s community college system just laid off nearly 200 people, including 45 faculty and 125 staff members. What are the causes of this slashing?  My readers will be utterly unsurprised to learn that declining enrollment was one.  In addition, the … Continue reading

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