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Academic cuts and queen sacrifices across the country

Greetings from a dark November.   The past few days have been rainy and chill, the perfect atmosphere for this post. (It’s November?  I’m not sure how that happened.  I’ve been on overdrive mode for months now and calendars have become… … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice at St. Cloud State University

How can colleges and universities respond to today’s many challenges? One strategy is to cut: to delete various academic programs, support staff, and faculty. When such axing includes tenure-track faculty I call it a queen sacrifice, borrowing the chess metaphor … Continue reading

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Slashing humanities degrees; preparing for a queen sacrifice?

Greetings from a rainy, chilly northeastern Virginia day. I’m buried on work, especially on climate change and AI, but wanted to note this story as I keep modeling post-peak higher education. In Minnesota is a pair of campuses, the College … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice might be in the works, this time in Virginia

How can a non-profit respond to financial stresses?  In non-profit higher education one response is to cut back on services and staff. When a college or university does this, I call it a “queen sacrifice.”  That’s a term from chess, … Continue reading

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A queen sacrifice at Saint Leo University

One way colleges and universities can respond to rising financial pressure is to cut personnel.  Sometimes they fire tenure-track faculty, either by removing their academic programs or by declaring financial emergency. buy priligy online buy priligy no prescription generic This … Continue reading

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One university conducts another queen sacrifice

How do colleges and universities respond to enrollment and financial pressures? buy neurontin online buy neurontin no prescription generic One response is to cut tenure-track faculty members. buy vidalista online buy vidalista no prescription generic   Years ago I nicknamed … Continue reading

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Two more American campuses launch queen sacrifices

Earlier this week I shared two recent examples of queen sacrifices.  It turns out that the week had more in store than I thought. Today’s two queen sacrifices come from very different institutions in the American northeast. First, New Jersey … Continue reading

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Two more queen sacrifices in the planning stage

How might a college or university cope with a financial crisis? One response is to cut academic programs and the faculty who teach in them, aiming to save on labor costs. For years I’ve been tracking examples of these under … Continue reading

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Emporia State University fires tenure-track faculty, commits a queen sacrifice

Emporia State University has just fired a group of faculty members, including those on the tenure track.  It’s the latest example of what I’ve called a queen sacrifice. (This occurs when a college or university cuts tenure-track faculty members. The … Continue reading

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A queen sacrifice proposed in Arkansas

An Arkansas university is considering a major queen sacrifice. (“Queen sacrifice”: removing tenure-track faculty members, based on a chess analogy) Henderson State University is a rare institution, a public (state-supported) liberal arts university. Their financial exigency committee produced a recommendation … Continue reading

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