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University of Illinois considers queen sacrifice and other desperate measures

Another American state continues to experience higher education pain.  Illinois has been struggling under the multiple burdens of demographics, a sclerotic state government, and rising costs (see some of my posts).  Now the University of Illinois system‘s president, Timothy Killeen, states … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice from Kentucky higher education

Last week we saw Kentucky’s community college system cut nearly 200 staff and faculty.  At almost the exact time another public institution in that state wielded its own ax, as Northern Kentucky University removed 105 jobs.  That’s 68 staff and … Continue reading

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170 staff and faculty laid off in Kentucky queen sacrifice

Kentucky’s community college system just laid off nearly 200 people, including 45 faculty and 125 staff members. What are the causes of this slashing?  My readers will be utterly unsurprised to learn that declining enrollment was one.  In addition, the … Continue reading

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City College of San Francisco prepares a large queen sacrifice, suffering from low enrollment and high income inequality

The City College of San Francisco, suffering bad hits to its reputation, enrollment, and revenue, is getting ready to make a series of cuts.  Inside Higher Ed describes this as explicitly axing academic programs and faculty – i.e., another queen … Continue reading

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Berkeley to cut many staff, but not yet conduct a queen sacrifice

The University of California Berkeley is going to cut 500 staff, around 6% of that institution’s non-faculty workforce.  Faculty aren’t to be cut.  Yes, this is Berkeley, one of the most famous and highly regarded American universities. Why these cuts now? … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice in Delaware?

Another week, another queen sacrifice: Delaware State University is cutting two dozen majors.  The historically black institution, facing problematic state funding, is ending what its leadership has deemed to be the least popular programs. After a two-year process including the use … Continue reading

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Enabling a queen sacrifice: Wisconsin sets up the policy framework

Most of the queen sacrifices I’ve written about have had the air of emergency.  They’ve been single events, driven by unusual circumstances.  But now Wisconsin is trying to make the queen sacrifice… ordinary and official. David Vaness, a health policy professor … Continue reading

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Recognizing a queen sacrifice by a business award

Over this past (or current, depending on where you are) winter the College of Saint Rose performed a classic queen sacrifice, cutting programs, staff, and tenured faculty.  President Carolyn Stefanco led the axing of 27 programs and almost 6% of faculty. One … Continue reading

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Sapping the humanities: a possible alternative to the queen sacrifice

If campus leaders want to cut programs, how can they do so without terminating departments and faculty?  A potential answer comes from Ohio State University, where humanists argue that a new enrollment strategy discourages students from taking certain classes and … Continue reading

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Is Berkeley getting ready to consider a queen sacrifice?

Researching what I’ve been calling the queen sacrifice has meant focusing on a certain group of colleges and universities.  These campuses are often small and/or regional and/or finding themselves down the US News ranking tables. Yesterday, I found something that … Continue reading

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