Writing about my ed tech seminar in EdSurge

I’m writing a series of columns for EdSurge this semester.  The topic: my Georgetown educational technology seminar at Georgetown.

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With each column I dive into one topic we explored in class, along with details on how the students and I structured the seminar.

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Here’s what I’ve published so far:

Part 1: picking the right tech.  That involves the syllabus, some of our reading, our discussion, and the question of how to select tools for learning.

Part 2: on digital audio for teaching and learning.  Looking into new media, we zero in on podcasts.

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  I bring in the history of radio.

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There’s more coming!

Thanks to EdSurge for publishing my writing.

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One Response to Writing about my ed tech seminar in EdSurge

  1. Dahn Shaulis says:

    Bryan, and chance you could do a piece on College Meltdown and my effort to educate, agitate, and organize student loan debtors, adjuncts, and their families? This would educate people on the groups involved in this not-yet unified movement, including the Debt Collective, I Am Ai, ITT Tech Warriors, Strike Debt Portland, as well as the adjunct groups such as the New Faculty Majority, COCAL, and SEIU Faculty Forward.

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