My new book is now available for pre-order

My newest book, Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education, is heading down the chute towards publication.  It is, in fact, now available for pre-order from Johns Hopkins University Press.

I can share the awesome, glorious, eye-popping cover:

Academia Next cover

Personally, seeing a book into print is an ecstatic experience for me.  Almost literally so – it’s the feeling of watching something internal go out of myself, into the world.  It’s like sending a child into that world, of me, yet beyond me.  Having done this twice before – three times, including New Digital Storytelling‘s second edition – does nothing to diminish the sensation.

Yes, I still want to tweak the thing.  My fingers itch editorially, with the fierce desire to revise.  As I finish the galleys I envision expansions, new examples, better phrasings, whole new chapters… and have to step back, after strangling that impulse right away.  I have to remind myself of the sentiment attributed to both EM Forster and Paul Valéry, that a creative work is never finished, but only abandoned.  I corral those thoughts into new channels: blog posts, two new book ideas, the podcast plans, the faint dream of a second edition.  Yet I don’t know if I’ll truly squelch that revisionary desire until I hold the cloth-bound babies in my trembling hands.

I hope Academia Next provokes reflection and conversation across higher education.  I would be delighted if staff, students, faculty, trustees, government officials, business people, and nonprofit folk use it to drive their thinking forward.  I’d be over the moon if those conversation lead to new programs, bold strategies, and further innovation.  While Academia Next is grounded deeply in evidence from the present and recent past, its ultimate aim is imaginative.

Meanwhile, my book appears in great company.  Johns Hopkins is publishing splendidly on higher education.  Look at what else is due out this winter:

I’m honored and daunted to be in such company.

So: please pre-order my book, and load up with others while you’re at it.  I’ll happily inscribe your copy.  And as things progress, I’ll blog about release events.


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5 Responses to My new book is now available for pre-order

  1. Lance Eaton says:

    congratulations…most importantly though (the question I ask EVERY author I’m wanting to read): Any plans to get it put into audio?

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      Good question! I’m looking into it.

      • it’s definitely a good option…more and more academically-oriented books are being published in audio format and if it does end up in audio, I know for me (given that my eye-reading is focused on dissertation stuff), it would mean I can get to it sooner than later…

  2. Vanessa Vaile says:

    avoid Mallarmé as a literary model for tweaking

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