On Cypherpunks

ImageI just published a review of a recent book on digital surveillance and cryptography.  Cypherpunks is co-written by four activists, including Julian Assange.  A very exciting, provocative book, which I recommend.

In a nice coincidence, or a sign of timeliness, Reporters sans frontières released a new study on governments cracking down on the free internet, and the Western companies who supply them the requisite technology.  Those are topics of great concern to Assange et al.


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3 Responses to On Cypherpunks

  1. dearbalak says:

    Reblogged this on Punkonomics and commented:
    An excellent discussion of an excellent little book

  2. dearbalak says:

    An excellent discussion of an excellent little book

  3. Burl Grey says:

    Thanks Bryan. I’m ordering the book.

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