I will lead a future of education and technology seminar in June

New Media Consortium Academy Workshop logoTwo months from now I’ll lead a half-day seminar on the future of technology and education.  It’s a face-to-face preconference workshop for the annual New Media Consortium conference.  Which you should definitely attend.

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My seminar takes place on June 9th, the day before the NMC conference begins.  You can register just for my session, if you like, or sign up for both conference and pre-.  It takes place in Alexandra, Virginia, close to Washington, D.C.  So I extend an extra invitation to folks in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area.

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 It’s a morning session, running from 9-12.

Here’s the event description:

This session explores trends for the future of technology and education. The first phase of the workshop examines published trend reports, discussing emerging developments and how experts determine them. Themes include changes to digital technology, educational and cultural heritage institutions, and socioeconomic contexts. During the second phase the audience builds their own trend analysis based on recent events, identifying forces driving possible futures for creativity and learning. Finally participants select key trends to build up into their own scenarios.

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The workshop will be highly interactive, participatory, and challenging. Bring your visionary skills!

It should be a wild, provocative, practical event, crammed with information and ideas.  It costs 5, and will be worth every penny.

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One Response to I will lead a future of education and technology seminar in June

  1. Chuck Steel says:

    I’m interested in attending your workshop but the NMC site doesn’t appear to allow registration just for the workshop. The entire NMC conference was automatically added to my cart, but I would not like to attend the entire conference. Can you verify that it should be possible to attend just your workshop?

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