Closing a college

An American college is getting ready to shut down.  Lebanon College (New Hampshire) replaced its website with a simple announcement:

Lebanon College Website

Gone are all menus and links, from what I can make out.

Lebanon College faces problems familiar to many other campuses, including queen sacrifice schools.  According to its president,

“Without a substantive increase in enrollment across the board and particularly in the areas of our allied health programs and certificates, we feel this is the first step towards closing Lebanon College”

Which looks like this in practice:

In a news release, Arthur Gardiner, the chairman of the college’s board of trustees, said that while the board had “looked forward expectantly to a big jump in enrollment this fall,” the numbers didn’t pan out, and fewer than half of the anticipated enrollees signed up.

Note this recent move: “removing under-enrolled degrees from the program”.  We’ve seen that elsewhere.

If Lebanon draws – drew – students primarily from New England, this region’s demographic decline helps explain why that college couldn’t get enough students.

This may be a very small college in a remote part of the United States, but these economic problems are widespread.  Let’s hope such terminal solutions don’t also become popular.

(thanks to Robert Maguire for the pointer)



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