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Trying a different podcatcher: Stitcher

I’m trying an experiment this month. buy zoloft online buy zoloft no prescription generic  It’s part of my quest to improve how I find and listen to podcasts.  (Previous posts) Now I’m going to try Stitcher, a podcatcher client for … Continue reading

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What podcatcher should I use?

I’m looking for a new podcatcher.  Which one should I try? Background: I’m a serious podcast listener, subscribing to dozens (here’s an annotated list).  Podcasts play an important part in my life, both for research and entertainment.  I listen several … Continue reading

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What happened to podcasting, and what didn’t happen

“Whatever Happened to Podcasting?” asks Mark Ramsey, and it’s a good question.  As Ramsey notes, podcasting still happens, with people making and listening to digital audio, often through syndication.  And yet “podcasting is most certainly off the media radar.” That is … Continue reading

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