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A Hawaii university sacrifices the queen

Another American campus decided to make a queen sacrifice, as Hawaii Pacific University laid off faculty.  This looks like it follows the familiar pattern. Faculty let go, check: “18 out of 251 full-time professors did not have their contracts renewed … Continue reading

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Towards peak scholarship

If American academia has just passed its peak, perhaps we might also experience peak scholarship.  That is, the amount of research produced will plateau, then decline in the near future. How could this happen?  Through several mechanisms.  Please note that these … Continue reading

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Fewer high school grads going on to college

Fewer American high school graduates are going on to college, according to new statistics.  Another datapoint for peak higher education? buy synthroid online buy synthroid no prescription generic Just under 66 percent of the class of 2013 was enrolled in … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky sees the peak of higher education

In a recent blog post Clay Shirky argues that higher education’s economic model has broken.  Shirky offers the title “The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age”, describing a fine past (roughly 1950-1975) and its decline by degrees (1975-2004). I made … Continue reading

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